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Reviewed: Dr.Jart+’s Teatreement Cleansing Foam – Did It Work?

Get ready to steep yourself in the details of our latest skincare review, where we pour over every aspect of Dr.Jart+'s Teatreement Cleansing Foam! It's time to find out if this product is just your cup of 'tea' for a refreshing and rejuvenating skincare routine.

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When it comes to skincare, we’re always on the lookout for something that not only cleanses but also treats our skin with the care it deserves. Enter Dr.Jart+’s Teatreement Cleansing Foam, a product that’s been buzzing in beauty circles lately.

It promises to offer more than just your typical face wash experience, combining the goodness of tea tree oil and other skin-loving ingredients. But does it live up to its claims? Let’s dive into what this cleansing foam is all about and see if it’s worth adding to your skincare routine.

First Impressions

Right off the bat, the packaging of Dr.Jart+’s Teatreement Cleansing Foam catches your eye. It’s sleek and modern, with a no-nonsense vibe that speaks to its dermatological roots. The tube is user-friendly, making it easy to squeeze out just the right amount of product.

Now, onto the foam itself. It’s got a creamy texture that feels luxurious as you work it into your skin. The scent is where it gets interesting – it’s distinctly tea tree, which you’ll either love for its natural, earthy vibe or find a bit too strong. It’s not your typical floral or fruity skincare scent, that’s for sure.

The first time I pumped the foam onto my hand, I noticed it lathered up quite nicely. It wasn’t overly foamy, but it had a good consistency that felt like it was doing the job without stripping my skin. Overall, my first impression was that this cleansing foam felt like a serious skincare product, promising a deep clean without the usual harshness.

How Did It Work?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of actually using Dr.Jart+’s Teatreement Cleansing Foam over time. From the get-go, I found the application process pretty straightforward. A small amount goes a long way, and it spreads easily across the face. As someone with sensitive skin, I was initially wary about how my skin would react, especially with tea tree oil and salicylic acid in the mix. To my relief, the foam felt gentle and didn’t cause any immediate redness or irritation. It rinsed off easily too, leaving my skin feeling clean but not overly dry or tight – a big win in my book.

After a couple of weeks of consistent use, morning and night, I started to notice some subtle yet encouraging changes. My skin felt smoother, and those pesky little bumps on my forehead began to look less prominent. The oiliness in my T-zone seemed more controlled, and my skin didn’t feel as greasy by midday as it usually does. I was impressed!

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. I didn’t see much improvement in my larger, more stubborn blemishes, and there were a few days when my skin felt a bit drier than usual. I had to ramp up my moisturizer to compensate, which was a bit of a balancing act. It’s worth mentioning that while the cleansing foam helped in maintaining a clearer complexion, it wasn’t a miracle worker for acne or severe skin issues.

As for long-term effects, after about a month of use, the overall texture and clarity of my skin were noticeably better. It looked healthier and more balanced. I didn’t experience any dramatic transformations, but it was a solid, steady improvement. The product didn’t completely eradicate my skin concerns, but it played a nice supporting role in my skincare routine.

The Bottom Line: my personal experience with Dr.Jart+’s Teatreement Cleansing Foam was largely positive. It’s a reliable cleanser that offers gentle yet effective cleansing, especially suited for those with oily or combination skin. While it may not be a cure-all for severe skin issues, it’s a great option for anyone looking to maintain a healthy skin balance and keep minor blemishes at bay.

How It Stands Against Other Foaming Cleansers

When stacking Dr.Jart+’s Teatreement Cleansing Foam up against its competitors, a few things stand out. It’s not your average cleanser; it’s more like a treatment wrapped up in a face wash. If we compare it to a typical drugstore face wash, the first thing you’ll notice is the quality of ingredients. Dr.Jart+ doesn’t skimp on the good stuff – tea tree oil, salicylic acid, niacinamide – these are all premium ingredients that you often find in higher-end skincare products.

Then there’s the texture. This foam feels more luxurious and creamy compared to some of the gel or liquid cleansers out there. It’s a small detail, but it makes the daily ritual of washing your face a bit more enjoyable.

In terms of effectiveness, it holds its own against other acne-focused cleansers. While some acne cleansers can be quite harsh and drying (leaving your skin feeling like the Sahara desert), Dr.Jart+’s cleansing foam manages to be effective without over-stripping the skin. It strikes a nice balance between cleansing and treating the skin gently.

However, it’s not without its rivals. There are other cleansers out there with similar ingredients that might work better for certain skin types. For instance, if you have extremely sensitive skin, you might find a more minimalist, fragrance-free formula more suitable. Or, if you’re dealing with severe acne, you might opt for a cleanser with a higher concentration of active ingredients.

In terms of price, Dr.Jart+’s Teatreement Cleansing Foam is a bit on the higher side compared to some drugstore brands but generally in line with other mid-range skincare products. You’re paying for the quality of ingredients and the brand’s reputation for effective, dermatologist-tested skincare.

About The Ingredients

Diving into the ingredients of Dr.Jart+’s Teatreement Cleansing Foam, it’s like a who’s who of skincare favorites. The star of the show is Tea Tree Oil, known for its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a go-to for tackling acne and calming irritated skin. In this cleanser, it’s not just a token addition; you can really feel its presence, both in the scent and the way it gently works on blemishes.

Then there’s Salicylic Acid, a renowned acne-fighter. It’s a type of beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) that’s great at exfoliating the skin and unclogging pores. For anyone struggling with blackheads or those under-the-skin bumps, salicylic acid is a lifesaver. In this formula, it’s well-balanced, providing enough oomph to be effective without being too harsh.

Niacinamide is another gem in this formula. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of skincare ingredients – it helps with everything from reducing redness and minimizing pores to brightening the skin and fighting signs of aging. It’s one of those ingredients that works well for almost all skin types, which is probably why this cleanser feels so comfortable on the skin.

Centella Asiatica Extract, or Cica, is gaining popularity for its soothing and healing properties. It’s great for sensitive skin and helps with redness and irritation. This ingredient adds a calming effect to the cleansing foam, making it suitable even for those with more reactive skin.

Of course, with any product, there are potential drawbacks. If you’re sensitive to essential oils or fragrances, the tea tree oil might be a bit much. And while the formula is generally gentle, those with extremely dry or sensitive skin might find the combination of active ingredients a bit drying or irritating over time.

TL;DR: the ingredient list is impressive. It’s like a carefully curated blend of some of the best skincare ingredients out there. They work together to not only cleanse the skin but also treat and prevent common skin concerns, making this cleansing foam more than just a basic face wash.

Pros and Cons

Let’s break down the good and the not-so-good about Dr.Jart+’s Teatreement Cleansing Foam.


  1. Quality Ingredients: The blend of tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and niacinamide is like a dream team for your skin. They work together to cleanse, treat, and soothe, making this more than just a basic cleanser.
  2. Gentle Yet Effective: It manages to tackle oiliness and minor blemishes without leaving your skin feeling stripped or overly dry. It’s a nice balance that’s often hard to find in acne-focused products.
  3. Nice Texture: The creamy foam feels luxurious and is a pleasure to use. It’s a small detail that makes your skincare routine feel a bit more special.
  4. Good for Various Skin Types: While it’s particularly great for oily and combination skin, it’s gentle enough for those with slightly sensitive skin too.
  5. Improves Skin Texture and Clarity: With regular use, you can expect to see a smoother, clearer complexion. It’s not an overnight miracle, but it does its part over time.


  1. Scent Might Not Be for Everyone: The tea tree oil gives it a distinct scent that you might love or not care for. It’s definitely not your typical floral or fruity skincare smell.
  2. Price Point: It’s a bit pricier than your average drugstore cleanser. If you’re on a tight budget, this might be a bit of a splurge.
  3. Not a Complete Solution for Severe Acne: While it’s good for mild blemishes and oiliness, if you’re dealing with more serious acne issues, you might need something with a bit more kick.
  4. Potential Dryness: For those with dry skin, this might not be hydrating enough. And even if you have oily skin, you might need to up your moisturizer game to balance things out.
  5. Not Fragrance-Free: If you’re sensitive to essential oils or fragrances, this might not be the best choice for you.

My Final Thoughts

Wrapping things up, Dr.Jart+’s Teatreement Cleansing Foam is a solid choice if you’re in the market for a cleanser that goes beyond just cleaning your face. It’s packed with top-notch ingredients that work to improve your skin’s overall health and appearance. The gentle yet effective formula makes it a great option for those with oily or combination skin, and it’s even suitable for those with slight sensitivities.

That said, it’s not a one-size-fits-all miracle product. The distinct tea tree scent and the slightly higher price point might not be everyone’s cup of tea. And if you’re dealing with severe acne or have extremely dry skin, this might not be the ideal cleanser for you.

But for what it sets out to do – provide a thorough cleanse while treating and soothing the skin – it does a pretty good job. It’s a well-rounded product that deserves a spot in your skincare routine if you’re looking for something a little extra from your cleanser.

So, where does that leave us? I’d give Dr.Jart+’s Teatreement Cleansing Foam a solid 7.5 out of 10. It’s not flawless, but it’s definitely above average and worth considering if you’re on the hunt for a new face wash.

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