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Melting Away Doubts: A Balanced Review of BYOMA’s Melting Balm Cleanser

Get ready to dive into a review that’s as refreshing as a splash of cold water on a hot day! Our BYOMA Melting Balm Cleanser review is here to melt away your reservations, one nourishing ingredient at a time.

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I recently got my hands on the BYOMA Melting Balm Cleanser, and I must say, it’s been an interesting journey. The first thing that struck me was its sleek, minimalistic packaging – very shelfie-worthy! On opening, the cleanser has this smooth, balm-like texture that promises to be a treat for the skin. It’s always exciting to try something that looks as good as it claims to be, and this cleanser definitely piqued my curiosity.

About This Cleanser

Let’s talk about BYOMA’s Melting Balm Cleanser, which is pretty much a skincare superhero in a jar. This cleanser is like a magic eraser for your face, melting away makeup and the day’s grime without being harsh on your skin. It’s got this buttery texture that feels luxurious when you scoop it out, but here’s the cool part – it turns into this silky oil as soon as it hits your skin. And the best bit? It leaves no greasy residue behind. You’re left with skin that’s not just clean but feels soft and pampered.

Now, putting oil onto your skin isn’t something most people think is a great idea, but hear me out. This balm is packed with niacinamide, a total superstar for balancing skin and keeping oiliness in check. It’s like BYOMA knew exactly what oily-skinned folks needed and delivered it in spades. Plus, it’s a dream come true for sensitive skin types, thanks to the combo of olive fruit, sea buckthorn, and rapeseed oils that baby your skin into a state of hydrated bliss.

But that’s not all. This cleanser is a little like your skin’s personal bodyguard. It’s got this Barrier Lipid Complex that helps strengthen your skin’s natural defenses. Think of it as a shield against all the bad stuff while keeping the good stuff in.

My Experience With The Product

Alright, let’s dive into my experience with the BYOMA Melting Balm Cleanser. The first time I scooped out a bit of this cleanser, I noticed its rich, balmy texture. It felt luxurious and a tad heavy, which made me a bit skeptical about how it would fare on my combination skin.

I started by massaging it onto my dry face. The balm has a subtle, almost earthy scent – a mix of olive and rosemary oils, I guess. It’s not overpowering, which I appreciate, considering I’m not a huge fan of strong fragrances in my skincare. The balm melted into an oil-like consistency as I worked it into my skin, which was pretty satisfying. It did a great job of breaking down my makeup, even the stubborn mascara and eyeliner, without me having to rub too hard.

Rinsing it off was a bit of a mixed bag. While it emulsified nicely with water, turning into a milky liquid, it didn’t rinse off as cleanly as I hoped. I felt a slight residue on my skin, which wasn’t necessarily unpleasant – it actually left my skin feeling moisturized, but I had to follow up with a gel cleanser to get that completely clean feeling.

Over the weeks, I noticed some subtle changes. My skin felt softer and more hydrated, even before applying my moisturizer. This was a big win, especially around my typically dry areas like the cheeks and forehead. However, I didn’t notice any significant changes in skin brightness or texture, which I was half-expecting given the niacinamide and ceramides in the mix.

One thing I really appreciated was how gentle this cleanser was. I have slightly sensitive skin, and I didn’t experience any irritation or breakouts, which can be a gamble with new products. This gentleness makes it a solid option for those with similar skin concerns.

As for the long-term effects, they were more on the subtle side. My skin’s hydration levels definitely improved, but in terms of transformative results like major texture improvements or brightness, it was pretty standard fare. The cleanser maintained the status quo of my skin, which isn’t a bad thing, but I was hoping for a bit more, considering the impressive ingredient list.

The Bottom Line: the BYOMA Melting Balm Cleanser was a pleasant experience overall. It’s a reliable, gentle cleanser that does what it promises – cleanses and nourishes. If you’re looking for a product to shake up your skincare routine or deliver dramatic results, this might not be it. But for daily cleansing with a touch of luxury and hydration, it’s definitely worth considering.

Pros and Cons

Let’s break down everything I liked and disliked about this cleanser:


  • Gentle Yet Effective: First off, this cleanser is super gentle. Even with my slightly sensitive skin, I didn’t experience any irritation, which is always a big plus.
  • Nourishing Ingredients: The blend of oils like Olive and Grape Seed, along with Niacinamide and Ceramides, leaves the skin feeling nourished and soft. It’s more than just a cleanser; it feels like a treatment for the skin.
  • Efficient Makeup Remover: It does a bang-up job at removing makeup. Even my waterproof mascara waved the white flag without much effort.


  • Residual Feeling: It tends to leave a bit of a residue post-rinse. While it’s not greasy, I needed a second cleanser for that squeaky-clean feeling.
  • Scent Might Not Be for Everyone: The natural scent is subtle but might not appeal to everyone. If you’re into fragrance-free products, this might be a bit off-putting.
  • Subtle Long-Term Effects: While it’s great for daily cleansing, don’t expect miraculous changes in skin texture or brightness.

How Does It Compare To Other Cleansing Balms?

I’ve tried a fair share of balm cleansers, so how does BYOMA’s Melting Balm stack up? Compared to some of the popular balm cleansers in the market, BYOMA holds its own in terms of gentleness and hydration. It’s on par with other high-end balms that focus on nourishing the skin while cleansing.

However, where it slightly falls short is in the rinse-off experience. Some of the other balms I’ve used emulsify and rinse off more cleanly, leaving no trace behind. This might be a dealbreaker for some, especially if you’re not a fan of double cleansing.

In terms of price point, BYOMA is positioned in the mid-range category. It’s more affordable than some of the luxury brands but offers a comparable quality of ingredients and experience. This makes it a great option for those who want to indulge in a luxury-like experience without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, the BYOMA Melting Balm Cleanser is like that reliable friend in your skincare routine. It doesn’t necessarily bring the drama or the fireworks, but it’s dependable, comforting, and does its job well. It’s gentle, nourishing, and a great pick for those especially with dry or sensitive skin. While it may leave a bit to be desired in terms of deep cleansing or transformative effects, it’s a solid choice for daily use, especially if hydration and gentle care are what you’re after.

If you’re in the market for a cleanser that feels luxurious, cares for your skin, and you don’t mind a bit of a residue or following up with a second cleanse, this could be your new go-to. However, if you’re seeking something that’ll dramatically change your skin game or you prefer a one-and-done kind of cleanser, you might want to keep looking.

As for the rating, I’d give the BYOMA Melting Balm Cleanser a solid 4 out of 5 stars. It’s more than just okay, thanks to its nourishing ingredients and gentle cleansing ability, but it falls short of being a game-changer. It’s a good product, just not an outstanding one. Perfect for those who appreciate a bit of luxury and gentleness in their skincare routine, but not quite the holy grail item for those seeking dramatic results.

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