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French Skincare Madame? My Review of Le Cleanser by Doré

Embark on a skincare adventure with my latest review of Le Cleanser by Doré, where luxury meets functionality in an elegant symphony of ingredients. Discover how this chic bottle holds the key to transforming your daily cleansing ritual into an experience of pure indulgence and effective skincare.

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From the moment Le Cleanser by Doré arrived on my doorstep, its elegant packaging spoke volumes about the sophisticated experience I was about to embark upon. Known for its commitment to quality and skin-friendly formulations, this french skincare brand has always been something that piqued my interest. The cleanser, promising a blend of hydration and purity, seemed like the perfect test product to see if the brand lives up to its reputation!

The Ingredients Used in Le Cleanser

Delving into the heart of Le Cleanser by Doré, the ingredient list reveals an effective blend aimed at nourishing and caring for the skin:

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

Sourced from coconut oil and glycerin, this ingredient is a gem in skincare, known for its emollient properties. It’s particularly adept at smoothing and replenishing the skin’s texture, infusing a sense of luxury into the cleansing process. Its ability to lock in moisture helps in reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier, making it a key player in maintaining skin health.


Revered in skincare for its humectant qualities, glycerin is a cornerstone for hydration. It works by attracting water to the skin, ensuring deep and lasting hydration. This is vital in a cleanser as it prevents the usual post-cleanse dryness, maintaining a balance that keeps the skin supple and moisturized.

Sunflower Seed Oil

Rich in Vitamin E, an essential antioxidant, Sunflower Seed Oil contributes significantly to the skin’s overall health. Its antioxidant properties combat environmental stressors, while its ability to support the skin’s barrier function means it aids in preserving the integrity and hydration of the skin.

Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water and Witch Hazel Leaf Water

These botanical extracts are a soothing duo. Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water, known for its calming properties, and Witch Hazel, celebrated for its astringent benefits, work together to soothe, tone, and refine the skin. They are especially beneficial for calming redness and irritation, making them ideal for sensitive skin types.

Lilium Candidum Flower Extract

This luxurious extract, often used for its soothing and brightening capabilities, adds an element of refinement to the cleanser. Known for its ability to calm skin and reduce the appearance of discoloration, it contributes to a more even and radiant complexion.

Citric Acid

More than just a pH adjuster, citric acid plays a crucial role in maintaining the skin’s ideal acidic environment. This ensures the cleanser is gentle and non-disruptive to the skin’s natural state, preserving its health and resilience.

Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract

Commonly referred to as Goji Berry extract, this ingredient is a powerhouse of antioxidants and vitamins. It aids in protecting the skin from oxidative stress and environmental aggressors, while its nutrient-rich profile supports skin rejuvenation and vitality.

My Experience With Le Cleanser

My journey with Le Cleanser by Doré began with a sense of anticipation. From the first use, I noticed the cleanser’s silky, almost luxurious texture. It spread effortlessly across my skin, feeling more like a gentle caress than a daily cleansing routine.

The cleanser has a creamy consistency that doesn’t lather excessively, which I appreciated. It glides smoothly over the skin, making the application process a soothing experience. The lack of excessive foam was a reassurance that it was mild and skin-friendly, especially for my sometimes sensitive skin.

After rinsing, my skin felt immediately refreshed. There was no feeling of tightness or dryness, which can be a common aftermath of harsher cleansers. Instead, my skin felt soft and looked visibly hydrated. The cleanser effectively removed everyday grime and left a subtle glow, making my skin look and feel clean without being stripped of its natural oils.

Over several weeks of consistent use, I noticed a positive change in my skin’s texture and hydration levels. My complexion appeared more balanced, with a noticeable reduction in dry patches that often plagued my cheeks. However, when it came to removing heavy makeup, particularly waterproof products, I felt the need to supplement Le Cleanser with a more potent makeup remover.

The Bottom Line: Le Cleanser by Doré proved to be a gentle yet effective addition to my daily skincare routine. It excelled in providing hydration and maintaining the natural balance of my skin. While it might not be the powerhouse for removing heavy makeup, its strengths lie in its gentle cleansing ability and nourishing properties. For those seeking a daily cleanser that pampers while it purifies, Le Cleanser is a commendable choice.

The Pros and Cons

After spending some quality time with Le Cleanser by Doré, I’ve been able to discern its strengths and weaknesses. Here’s my take:


  1. Gentle and Hydrating: The foremost advantage of this cleanser is its gentle nature. It cleanses effectively without stripping the skin of its natural oils, leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated.
  2. Luxurious Texture: The texture is a highlight – creamy and smooth, making the cleansing process feel more like a pampering session.
  3. Suitable for Sensitive Skin: Thanks to its soothing ingredients like Witch Hazel and Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water, it’s well-suited for sensitive skin types.
  4. Enhanced Skin Appearance: With regular use, I noticed a visible improvement in my skin’s texture and hydration levels, lending a healthy, refreshed glow.
  5. Pleasant Scent: The mild and unobtrusive fragrance adds to the luxurious experience without being overwhelming.


  1. Struggles with Heavy Makeup: For those who wear heavy or waterproof makeup, this cleanser might not be sufficient on its own. It requires an additional makeup remover for a thorough cleanse.
  2. Presence of Certain Preservatives: While necessary for product longevity, the inclusion of preservatives like Benzyl Alcohol might be a concern for some users, especially with long-term use.
  3. Price Point: Depending on the budget, the price might be a bit steep for those accustomed to more economical options.
  4. Limited Availability: Depending on your location, it might not be as readily available as some other mainstream brands.

My Final Thoughts

This cleanser is undoubtedly a luxurious product that prioritizes skin health and pleasure in use. Its gentle yet effective cleansing action is commendable, and it excels in leaving the skin feeling nurtured and refreshed. The improvement in skin texture and hydration with continuous use is a testament to its quality formulation. It’s a great fit for those who value skincare products that are both effective and a joy to use.

However, its shortcomings in removing heavy makeup and the inclusion of certain preservatives cannot be overlooked. These aspects might limit its appeal to a specific user group – ideally, those who prefer light makeup and are not overly sensitive to the preservatives used in skincare formulations.

With all factors considered, I would rate Le Cleanser by Doré a solid 4 out of 5. It’s a product that delivers on most of its promises, providing a gentle, hydrating cleanse that’s particularly suited for normal to dry skin types. While it might not completely replace the need for a dedicated makeup remover for some, it stands as a reliable, everyday cleanser that enriches the skin with each use.

For those contemplating whether to add this cleanser to their skincare arsenal, I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a product that combines efficacy with sensory pleasure, and if your daily routine doesn’t involve heavy makeup. Le Cleanser by Doré, in its essence, is more than just a cleanser; it’s a skincare experience that pampers and protects, making it a worthy consideration for those seeking to elevate their daily cleansing ritual!

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