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Finding Calm in a Cleanser – COSRX’s Calming Foam Cleanser Reviewed

Dive into our latest review where the COSRX Calming Foam Cleanser promises to wash away more than just makeup and dirt; it's like a wave of tranquility for your skin! Get ready to be swept away by a sea of calm in this foam-filled adventure.

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In the world of skincare, finding a cleanser that promises not just to clean but also to calm your skin can feel like striking gold. That’s exactly what COSRX aims to offer with their Calming Foam Cleanser. Packed with ingredients like Salicylic Acid for that deep clean and Madecassic Acid for a soothing touch, it’s a product that caught my eye in an instant. And with the allure of Lavandula Hybrida Oil, I was curious to see if this cleanser could live up to its calming claims. Let’s dive into what this foam cleanser is all about and whether it’s the soothing solution your skincare routine has been missing.

My First Impressions

Right off the bat, the COSRX Calming Foam Cleanser gives off a minimalist yet chic vibe with its packaging. It’s the kind of bottle you wouldn’t mind leaving out on your bathroom counter for that accidental, “Oh, this old thing?” humble brag. The first squeeze of the cleanser was a surprise – it has this creamy texture that feels luxurious, kind of like a mini spa treatment in your own home.

Now, let’s talk about the scent. It’s subtly infused with that Lavandula Hybrida Oil, and it’s honestly like a gentle nudge of lavender – not too overpowering but just enough to add a bit of zen to your cleansing routine. The overall sensory experience? It’s like COSRX decided to bottle a bit of calm and tranquility, and I’m here for it.

How It Worked For Me

The moment of truth with any cleanser is, of course, the application. The COSRX Calming Foam Cleanser starts its journey as a rich, creamy formula, but with a little water and some gentle massaging, it transforms into this soft, velvety lather. It’s kind of magical, honestly. Applying it to my face, it felt smooth and luxurious, like my skin was getting a gentle hug. It spread easily across my face, without that tugging or pulling sensation you get with some cleansers. And when it came to rinsing it off, it was a breeze. The cleanser washed away without any residue, leaving my skin feeling clean but not stripped – a delicate balance that’s hard to find.

In the first few days of using the cleanser, I noticed my skin felt a bit fresher. It’s like waking up from a good night’s sleep; there’s this subtle yet noticeable difference. My skin felt softer, and there was a mild reduction in redness, especially around my nose and cheeks – areas that usually flare up for me. The cleanser didn’t miraculously cure my occasional breakouts, but I did notice they were less angry and subsided a bit quicker than usual.

Over the course of two weeks, this became more apparent. My skin started to get the memo that we were on a calming journey. The texture of my skin felt smoother, and that constant battle with oiliness seemed to be at a ceasefire. It’s not that my skin became dry; rather, it found this happy medium where it felt balanced. I also appreciated that the cleanser didn’t leave my skin feeling tight. You know that sensation where you smile and feel like your face is going to crack? None of that here.

What was really interesting was observing the cleanser’s impact over time. I started to notice that on the days when my skin felt particularly sensitive or irritated – maybe due to weather changes or just life – the cleanser provided a soothing effect. It wasn’t like an instant fix, but more of a gradual, “we’ve got this” kind of support for my skin.

On the flip side, there were a few things to note. The cleanser, while calming, didn’t necessarily provide a dramatic difference in terms of deep cleansing. It worked wonders for everyday dirt and grime, but on days when my skin felt extra oily or after wearing heavy makeup, I felt like I needed something with a bit more oomph. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a cleanser that doubles up as a heavy-duty makeup remover.

Another thing was the consistency of results. While my skin generally felt better, there were days when I didn’t notice any significant changes. It’s like the cleanser has its off days too, where it does the job, but doesn’t go above and beyond. Again, not a major issue, but in the spirit of keeping it real, it’s worth mentioning.

The Bottom Line: The COSRX Calming Foam Cleanser is a bit like a soothing journey for the skin. Its transformation from a creamy formula to a velvety lather makes application a luxurious experience, leaving the skin feeling clean but not stripped. Early on, the benefits are subtle yet noticeable – softer skin, reduced redness, and slightly quicker healing of breakouts. Over time, it helps balance the skin’s oiliness without over-drying and provides gentle support, especially on sensitive or irritated days. However, for those seeking deep cleansing action, particularly against heavy makeup, this cleanser might fall short. It’s reliable for everyday use but doesn’t consistently deliver dramatic results.

Let’s Talk About The Main Ingredients

Let’s break down what’s really inside the COSRX Calming Foam Cleanser. Starting off with the basics, we’ve got water and glycerin. Water is the foundation of any cleanser, ensuring everything else mixes well, while glycerin is a humectant, which basically means it’s great at drawing moisture into your skin. Think of them as the skincare equivalent of bread and butter – simple, yet essential.

Then we enter the world of acids – stearic, myristic, palmitic, and lauric acid. These aren’t as scary as they sound; they’re fatty acids that help cleanse your skin by breaking down the oils and gunk. They’re the bouncers of the formula, keeping the bad stuff out. Next up, the star player, salicylic acid. This guy is famous for fighting acne by gently exfoliating the skin and unclogging pores. It’s like having a mini superhero dedicated to keeping those pesky pimples at bay.

Now, for the calming superstar – Lavandula Hybrida Oil, or lavender oil. It’s known for its soothing properties, both for your mind and your skin. It helps reduce redness and calms irritation, giving your skin a mini spa moment every time you cleanse. Madecassic Acid, part of the Centella Asiatica family, is also in there, working its magic by promoting skin healing and rejuvenation. It’s like the nurturing figure in your skincare regime, ensuring your skin stays healthy and cared for.

Of course, there are a few other ingredients like Cocamidopropyl Betaine and Sodium Chloride, which are more behind-the-scenes, helping with the cleanser’s texture and stability. They’re the unsung heroes that keep everything running smoothly.

TL;DR – The COSRX Calming Foam Cleanser combines hydrating glycerin, a squad of fatty acids for cleansing, salicylic acid for acne control, soothing lavender oil, and healing madecassic acid, all working together to cleanse, soothe, and rejuvenate your skin. It’s like a supergroup of ingredients, each with a special role, creating a harmonious and effective cleansing experience.

How It Compares To Other Cleansers

When you pick up a product like the COSRX Calming Foam Cleanser, with its list of promising ingredients and the word ‘calming’ right in the name, you can’t help but have certain expectations. I mean, they’re practically telling you, “Hey, this is going to soothe your skin and make your skincare woes a distant memory.” So, did it live up to all that hype?

Well, let’s break it down. The cleanser claims to be calming, and on that front, it does a pretty decent job. It’s like the skincare equivalent of a chill playlist at the end of a long day. My skin felt less irritated, especially in areas prone to redness and sensitivity. If your skin throws a tantrum now and then, this cleanser is like the gentle talk-down it needs.

In terms of the cleansing aspect, it’s good, but not like superhero good. It handles the day-to-day dirt and oil build-up well enough. However, if you’re dealing with a face full of makeup or an exceptionally grimy day, you might need to call in some reinforcements. It’s more of a lightweight champion than a heavyweight in the cleansing arena.

Pros & Cons

Alright, let’s get into the nitty-gritty with the pros and cons of the COSRX Calming Foam Cleanser.


  1. Gentle Yet Effective: For a daily cleanser, it’s like hitting a sweet spot. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin but still manages to kick the day’s grime to the curb.
  2. Soothing Superpowers: If your skin often feels like it’s on the brink of a breakdown, this cleanser can be a real MVP. It helps to calm down redness and irritation without much fuss.
  3. Pleasant Sensory Experience: Using this cleanser is kind of a mini-escape thanks to its creamy texture and subtle lavender scent. It’s like a quick spa moment in your bathroom.
  4. No Over-Drying: Unlike some cleansers that leave your skin gasping for moisture, this one keeps things nicely balanced. No tight, parched skin after use.


  1. Not a Makeup Buster: If you’re wearing more than light makeup, you might find this cleanser a bit underwhelming. It’s not your go-to for heavy-duty makeup removal.
  2. Subtle Effects: While it’s great for general use, don’t expect dramatic transformations. It’s more of a steady, reliable player than a skincare superstar.
  3. Consistency is Key: To really see benefits, you need to use it consistently. It’s not a ‘wow factor’ after one use kind of product.
  4. Price Point: Depending on your budget, you might find it a bit pricey for a cleanser, especially if you’re used to drugstore prices.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it all up, the COSRX Calming Foam Cleanser is like that reliable, easygoing friend in your skincare squad. It’s not the life of the party, but it’s definitely someone you’re glad to have around. If your skin is on the sensitive side or gets irritated easily, this cleanser can be a real game changer. It does a solid job of keeping things clean and calm without any drama.

But if you’re looking for something to tackle more stubborn skin issues or heavy makeup, you might want to keep this as a trusty sidekick rather than the main hero. It’s great for what it is – a gentle, calming cleanser – but it’s not a one-stop solution for all skin concerns.

Overall, I’d say give it a shot if you’re in the market for something soothing and gentle. It might just be the chill vibe your skincare routine has been missing. And hey, who doesn’t like a bit of calm in their life?

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